TSP Research

The stated goal of TopStockPortfolios.com is to provide investors with everything they need to become more successful — including market analysis, stock research, commentary, market models, risk/reward assessments, and most importantly – actionable portfolios.

Below is a summary of the proprietary TSP Reseach available to all visitors.

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TopStock Chart of the Day

Our TopStock Chart of the Day.

The “Focus List”

The Focus List is your private research department of the TopStocks in the market.

The “10.0” Report

Each week, the 10.0 Report highlights four stocks that are the true “best of breed”.

TSP Big Picture Market Models

TSP Market Models quantify the current stock market environment.

The Insiders Report

The Insiders Report focuses on company insider investment and shareholdings.

The ETF Leader Board

The ETF Leaders report details the top rated Exchange Traded Funds in terms of trend and breadth as well as overall performance.

ETF Big Money Flow

This report details where the big money is flowing in the ETF universe.

The G.E.M. Report

The Graduated Exposure Model (G.E.M.) helps guide us to the proper exposure to market risk on a daily basis.