TSP 401(k) Advisor – Aggressive Growth Portfolio

The Aggressive Growth Model Portfolio is a long-term growth oriented strategy seeking maximum capital appreciation. The model utilizes a more aggressive version of our proprietary Adaptive Leadership System as our guide to security selection. The system targets the leading asset class in terms of cap size (small cap, mid cap, large cap) as well as style (growth versus value).

In addition, in our ongoing effort to “own the best and ignore the rest,” we utilize our “Smart Sector” system in the Aggressive Growth model. Thus, we allocate 25% of the model to the top ranked sectors.

Finally, a major component of the model’s management strategy is the use of Risk Management strategies which are designed to keep portfolios in-tune with the “Big Picture Cycles” of the market.

Cumulative Returns: 2003 – 2009
Aggressive Growth: +160.70%
S&P 500 Index: +26.72%

Whatever your objective may be, it is our sincere hope that the TopStock IRA/401(k) Portfolios can help you better navigate the markets and provide ideas to improve your investing performance.

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