The 401(K) Advisor

About the TopStock 401(K) Advisor Portfolios

Our TopStock 401(k) Advisor Model Portfolios are designed specifically for Retirement Plans such as 401(k) and IRAs. We strive to help our members to:

  • Focus their long-term portfolios on the top asset classes of the market
  • Stay “In Tune” with the major market cycles by managing the risk/reward relationship

While the portfolios have been designed for 401(k) and IRA plans, they are also well suited for long-term investment strategies. The models function well with traditional index funds and/or the ETFs. However, we will utilize ETFs in our model portfolios in order to keep things simple.

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Easy to Follow

The most important aspect of these portfolios, besides performance of course, is they are easy of follow. We do all the legwork in terms of research and analysis, and then provide our members with concise weekly updates. By reviewing our strategy every single week, we feel confident that we will never be surprised by a change in the environment.

Long-Term Oriented

To be clear, our 401(k) Advisor Portfolios are long-term in nature. On average, we make about one move per month in our retirement oriented Portfolios

Three Steps to Successful Investing

Part of what makes our Retirement Portfolio Services successful is the consistent application of time-tested investment strategies. In short, we incorporate state-of-the-art institutional portfolio management methods and focus portfolios on the market’s leading asset classes at all time.

Step 1: Identify the “Big Picture”

Successful investing starts with identifying the market’s Big Picture Environment. This is critical to success over the long term because different environments require different strategies. In short, using the same aggressive strategy that is successful in a bull market (think late 1990’s) can be devastating in a bear market. We believe portfolios must have the flexibility to adapt to the current environment at all times.

Step 2: Focus on the Leaders

We feel it is important to “make hay while the sun shines” by focusing our portfolios on the market’s leaders and ignoring the laggards. Our proprietary Adaptive Leadership Strategy is a disciplined method of investment management designed to keep portfolios focused on the market’s leadership at all times.

Step 3: Manage Risk At All Times

The final step in successful portfolio management is to lose the least amount possible during the inevitable bear market cycles. We utilize a graduated approach to adjusting our exposure to market risk and movements are based on our proprietary Model of Models Risk Management System. This disciplined approach to managing risk is designed to keep portfolios “in-tune” with the overall condition of the market at all times.

Whatever your objective may be, it is our sincere hope that the TopStock IRA/401(k) Portfolios can help you better navigate the markets and provide ideas to improve your investing performance.

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