The Daily Decision

One Decision… Once a Day… That’s all it really takes to profit in both up AND down markets.

If the “Credit Crisis Bear Market” of 2008 taught investors anything, it was that a long-only approach to the market is no longer sufficient. It is our humble opinion that no investor wants to remain invested in the stock market during brutal declines. And why should they? Today, there are tools available to all investors that can profit from declines in stock prices.

In short, we believe investors MUST have the ability to make money in both rising and falling markets. To that end, we offer The Daily Decision Service.

About the Daily Decision Service

The TopStock Daily Decision is designed to profit from both rising and falling markets. Our management strategy is very simple to define: We want to be fully invested in stock market indices (via ETF’s) when stocks are rising and we want to be short the market (again, via easy to use exchange traded funds) when stocks are falling.

And since the model is updated every morning, it is our easiest service to follow — it takes less than a minute each day to determine which side of the market to be on.

In addition, The Daily Decision is a live service run by full-time professional money managers providing you with real time trade alerts. So, fire your stock broker and dump those underperforming mutual funds. Let us help you start outperforming the stock market!

The Daily Decision Service provides members with three model portfolio alternatives to follow. Below is a summary comparing and contrasting the three models.

  • Main Model: The Main Model in our Daily Decision Service is designed to be a “new age” market timing portfolio. The model portfolio has the ability to be long the market, short the market, or in a neutral – or cash – position. The Main Model utilizes the S&P 500 index for both long and short positions and a money market equivalent for the neutral position.
  • Aggressive Model: By definition, the Aggressive model takes more risk. This is accomplished in two ways. First, instead of using the S&P 500 index, the model portfolio uses leveraged ETF’s which are designed to double the performance of the underlying index on a daily basis. And unlike the Main Model, the Aggressive Model is not limited to the S&P 500 index as we have flexibility in which market index to utilize (S&P 500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, etc.) for each trade. Second, the Aggressive Model does not have a neutral – or cash – position. Thus, it is either long or short at all times.
  • Hybrid Model: The Hybrid Model, as you might surmise, is a combination of the Main and Aggressive Models. The Hybrid Model will utilize the timing moves of the Main Model (long, short, or neutral) but then will use the leveraged indices of the Aggressive model. Thus, when on a “long” or “short” signal, the Hybrid will own the leveraged ETF’s from the Aggressive Model. However, the model may also move to cash on a neutral signal from our Main model.

On a personal note, I’d like to let subscribers know that in my personal accounts, I allocate approximately one-third of my portfolio to the Daily Decision signals (for the record, I utilize the Hybrid approach).

Let’s Talk Daily Decision Performance

Although it has been a volatile time for the stock market lately, the performance of TopStock Daily Decision Service has been pretty good (if we do say so ourselves)…

Performance Results
As of 12/31/2010
2010 2009
Daily Decision Main Model:    +20.00%   +62.82%
Daily Decision Aggressive Model:    +61.03%  +155.05%
Daily Decision Hybrid Model:    +33.01%  +202.32%
S&P 500 Index:     +12.78%   +23.45%

Those are NOT typos. The TopStock Daily Decision Service models have outperformed the S&P 500 Index by significant margins. (The Aggressive model outperformed by 6 to 1 in 2009 alone!)

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We Keep Things Simple

There’s nothing fancy here… no options… no day trading… no complicated transactions. We tell you EXACTLY what and when we buy and EXACTLY when we sell. It really is that simple — and it only takes a few minutes a week.

So, do yourself (and your portfolio) a favor: Fire those mutual fund managers and try the TopStock Daily Decision Service instead!

Let’s Talk Price

The TopStock Daily DecisionService is a “pro level” long/short strategy that can easily replace your broker and those mutual funds in your portfolio. In short, you can be your hedge fund manager for just $595 a year, which is less than $50 per month! (Monthly and quarterly plans are also available.)

And yes, the Aggressive Model is definitely included in your membership!

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Long Term Performance

Before we ever go “live” with the trading strategy, we insist that the management system be thoroughly tested – preferably in good markets, bad markets and everything in between. So, before we introduced our Daily Decision service, we asked the largest institutional research firm in the country to conduct an independent test of the system. Although no backtest is ever perfect (far from it!), what we’re looking for is an indication of how the system could perform in different conditions. In short, based on the numbers below, we feel the system has impressive potential and we thought you might enjoy seeing the numbers.

Below is a summary of the system test results which formed the basis of our Daily Decision systems. Please note that the results below do not represent actual trading. However, the test does provide us with an indication of what we might be able to expect in varying market environments such as a bull market, a bear market, and that annoying “in between” type of environment.

TSP Daily Decision System
System Test Results 1980 – 2008


Daily Decision


S&P 500

1980 +31.27% +32.76%
1981 +10.13% -5.33%
1982 +32.16% +21.22%
1983 +20.95% +23.13%
1984 +9.90% +5.96%
1985 +27.11% +32.24%
1986 +22.08% +19.06%
1987 +21.46% +5.69%
1988 +27.68% +16.64%
1989 +45.05% +32.00%
1990 +22.02% -3.42%
1991 +17.50% +30.95%
1992 +6.97% +7.60%
1993 +7.56% +10.17%
1994 +23.15% +1.19%
1995 +21.68% +38.02%
1996 +20.31% +23.06%
1997 +18.98% +33.67%
1998 +39.09% +28.73%
1999 +56.65% +21.11%
2000 +46.05% -9.11%
2001 +40.66% -11.98%
2002 +39.62% -22.27%
2003 +7.05% +28.72%
2004 +29.06% +10.82%
2005 +2.27% +4.79%
2006 +17.27% +15.74%
2007 +14.39% +5.46%
2008 +64.48% -37.22%

+61,011.98% +1,847.89%

+24.76% +10.78%

Perhaps the biggest positive to take note of is the long string of green numbers on the left side of the table. Frankly, this is the most exciting aspect of the system to me – NO DOWN YEARS!

Although the end result is impressive, the system isn’t perfect by any stretch and there are some disappointments in some years. For example, 1992 and 1993 weren’t great and I’m guessing I’d get some flak during 2003 and 2005. However, another key point to the system is to understand that when the market “trends” for a while, the system has displayed the ability to dramatically outperform the market indices.

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