The Daily Decision Services

The TopStock Daily Decision Services are “market timing” services designed to profit from both rising and falling markets. The management strategy for these services is simple: We want to be fully invested in the stock market when stocks are rising and short the market when stocks are falling.To learn more about any of our Daily Decision Services, simply click on the ‘More Info’ links below.

The Daily Decision Service

Each trading day we ask one decision and one decision only: Should we be in the stock market, out of the stock market, or short? More Info >>

The Daily Decision Stock Trade

The Daily Decision – Stock Trade is simple: We make one stock trade (long or short)… once a day… every day. More Info >>

The Daily Decision-PRO

The Daily Decision-PRO is designed for active, sophisticated investors who are able to trade markets on a real-time basis and can accept the risks involved with short-term, swing, and day-trading, as well as options and leveraged ETF’s. More Info >>