TopStock Portfolios

The goal of  is to provide you with everything you need to become a more successful investor: breaking news, market research, stock analysis, commentary, proprietary market and equity models, and most importantly – actionable portfolios with live trade alerts. offers five types of subscription portfolio services and a total of eleven different portfolio strategies to choose from:

TSP Daily Decision Services

The Daily Decision Services are “market timing” services designed to profit from rising and falling markets.

TSP Long Only Stock Portfolios

These traditional stock portfolios are designed to “own the best and ignore the rest.” We offer eight different “long only” portfolios including four “specialty” portfolios.

  • Top 5 Portfolio: A portfolio focusing on five TopStocks in the market’s top 5 sectors
  • The Insiders: The TopStocks that those “in the know” are buying
  • Top 10 Portfolio: We own just one TopStock in each of the market’s ten economic sectors
  • TSP Institutional: Your own private institutional fund of TopStocks

The Long/Short Combination Portfolios

Savvy investors know it can pay to play both sides of the trend. TSP offers three different portfolios that can “go both ways” including the Active Trader, which is a “best of” five TSP portfolios.

  • Active Trader Portfolio: This “Best of TSP” service. Includes shorter-term trades focusing on top rated stocks, the hot money trades, as well as short sale opportunities
  • HedgePro Portfolio: A long/short portfolio combining the top and bottom rated stocks – Your own private hedge fund

The Alternative Asset Class Portfolios

Why limit yourself to just stocks and bonds? Free your portfolio to go where the performance is.

  • FlexPro Portfolio: A portfolio free to invest anywhere and in anything including commodities, currencies, countries, sectors, real estate, metals, etc.

The Dedicated Short Portfolios

There’s always a bear market somewhere and these portfolios are designed to find it. Our Ursa Major Portfolio turns the TopStocks game upside down and focuses on the weakest stocks in the weakest sectors.

  • Ursa Major Portfolio: A concentrated short portfolio which strives to short the “worst of breed” stocks